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Mauve pink scrunchie, slightly darker shade as compared to Azalea

Previously, Aurora was a maxi skirt, with dreams of being brought to the fields. But alas, some dreams never come true. You see, Azalea and Aurora are sisters, which is why they are so close in shade. Aurora has been given a chance at a new life after being washed and ironed! Now she can be brought out on ya wrist or hair! Maybe to the fields even if her new owner is kind enough <3

Mix and match across collections to get 2 for $11!

Scrunchie is able to go around the hair twice only and is tight enough to hold a ponytail or bun. Fits comfortably around the wrist as well.

Each scrunchie is hand sewn with love, and seamless. We ensure that every scrunchie is of quality, and apologise for any imperfections.